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Larisa provides counselling support to adults, adolescents and families using hikes in nature and somatic practices.

Counselling Programs

Counselling for Teenagers

Counselling support is provided to adolescents who have experienced trauma and are living with anxiety and/or depression and addiction. Somatic practices are used to support adolescents who have been diagnosied with autism. Reiki, nature hikes, yoga, quigong and meditation are used to support a young person to connect with and listen to their bodies.

Family Support and Counselling

A program designed to help your family tell it's story and experience support for individual and familial well-being. Your family will receive counselling and in home family support that will help you have more fun, reduce stress and support each other. You will learn strategies through individual counselling, hikes in nature, outdoor activities and in home supports.

Counselling in Nature

The impact of nature on humans is resortative, compassionate and enduring. Nature provides healing, fun, joy, introspection, fitness, nurture, food, well-being, stress reduction, oxygen, support for all of our senses, light and dark. I would imagine you could find your own list of the impact nature has on you?! For this reason, Larisa uses forest hikes, cross country sking, sitting on a bench with tea and outdoor play in her counselling sessions.  Enjoy a hike, tea and watching a stream, a ski or a nature activity you find helpful during a counselling session. Larisa weaves together nature's natural support and somatic practices. She understands Earth's classroom is a gift worth experiencing.

Somatic Practices

The word somatic means body. This form of counselling support helps individuals to learn to listen to their body by understanding their nervous system. To support this process of listening to one's body, Larisa uses mindfullness practices, counselling methodology, reiki, hikes in nature, meditation, Quigong, Yoga and a program called Somatic Experiencing. Larisa has completed the Beginner 1 level of the program. She is working to complete the program in its entirety. These pratices help people experience themselves in a new way and yet familiar way. She supports families, youth and adults. Larisa supports clients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, addiction and have experienced trauma. Larisa also supports children and youth who have been diagnosed with autism. Larisa believes in a client centred, relational approach. She hikes with clients, offers yoga postures, reiki and mindfulness strategies to support her clients in finding relaxation. Through the sessions it is possible for a person to discover tangible strategies to deal with life's pain and obstacles, better sleep, clarity, presence and fun. What would you like to be different in your life?

Larisa Jeffares

Larisa Jeffares has had extensive experience working with children, youth and families. Professionally, she has worked for twenty two years with at risk youth and their families in various capacities.


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