Share Your Story and Be Who You Already Are!

The Wolf Willow Well-being team provides professional development workshops, individual counselling and a variety of programs designed to support your mental health and well-being.

Programs and Workshops

Workplace Well-being Program

Supports teams and individuals to care for themselves, each other and prevent burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. Using a variety of mindfulness practises and nature as a classroom to experience workplace well-being.

Family Support and Programs

A program designed to help your family tell it's story and experience support for individual and familial well-being. Your family will receive a program designed help you have more fun, reduce stress and support each other. You will learn strategies through individual counselling, hikes in nature, outdoor programming and creating a family story book.

Individual Counseling

Share your story and be who you already are. Larisa provides counselling support using reiki, nature as a classroom and a variety of mindfulness practices to help people experience themselves in a new way and yet familiar way. She supports families, youth and adults. Larisa supports clients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, addiction and have experienced trauma. Larisa also supports children and youth who have been diagnosed with autism. Larisa believes in a client centred, relational approach. She hikes with clients, offers yoga postures, reiki and mindfulness strategies to support her clients in finding relaxation. Through the sessions clients will discover tangible strategies to deal with life's pain and obstacles, better sleep, clarity, presence and fun. They will know their story and re-discover a connection to their true self.

Share Your Story

Each person on the planet has a unique story. These stories come with pain, resilience, turbulence and sometimes trauma. Our stories when lost in the body, contained, can bring about strong sensation, powerful physical triggers, stress, pain and discomfort. Many of us attempt to hide, numb, change or disassociate from parts of our story, creating entrenched patterns of behaviour and unconscious habits. As a result we experience discomfort, pain, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, disruptive relationships and even addictive habits. The Share Your Story Workshop will help you to learn to mindfully interact with your story through a variety of creative, mindful and somatic practices. You will gain an understanding of how to compassionately support yourself, engage mindfully with your story and re-discover a connection to your true self. You will not be required to share your story or speak publicly. During this workshop you will experience a variety of mindfulness practices, team connection, outdoor education and creative activities. You will play and finally learn how to compassionately care for yourself and listen to your inner experience, This workshop will be offered to the community throughout the year and as a professional development workshop to agencies, schools and businesses.

Food, Friends, Oils and Gentle Care

Enjoy an evening in your home with your friends designed to support you to reduce the stress of life. You will make 7-10 slow cooker freezer meals, a make and take oil gift, and receive a lesson in using oils in your home and for your life. Larisa is a professional Counselor and Lisa is a Wellness Advocate. Together they will help you to create an evening of fun, friends and gentle care.

Essential Oils, Tea and Yoga

On the last Friday of the month we invite you to enjoy an evening of essential oils, tea and yin yoga from 7:45-9:45 at Yoga Central. You will receive a lesson on using essential oils in your home, will make a take home recipe and drink tea. After learning and exploring you will have the opportunity to relax and practice a one hour yin yoga class.

Adolescents and Mindfulness

Counseling support is provided to Adolescents dealing with anxiety and/or depression, addiction or autism. Workshops can be designed for you organization that will support adolescents using mindfulness, nature as a classroom and fun activities.

Mindfulness in the Classroom

A workshop tailored to support teachers who wish to use mindfulness practices and outdoor education in their classrooms.

Well-being Camp

Experience a 3 day, camp-style retreat helping you to share your story and be who you already are! Enjoy yoga classes, writing classes, Tai chi, dance, music, playful activities, good food, nature as a classroom, drama classes and more. Designed with a summer camp framework. Let your inner child play and your adult-self rest and restore. The Camp's program, dates and design are currently under construction. Stay tuned for this amazing event.

The Organizers

Larisa Jeffares

Larisa Jeffares has had extensive experience working with children, youth and families. Professionally, she has worked for seventeen years with at risk youth and their families in various capacities.

Jon Olfert

Jon uses his gifts as a communicator and his experience as a first responder to help people identify signs of distress and to give simple, effective strategies to overcome these difficulties.

Nicole Wiens

Nicole joined Wolf-Willow in early 2016, to share these teacher-specific wellness practices with other teachers to help prevent their burnout.

Wolf Willow Well-being

Nature's Classroom

The power of nature is endless. Nature provides healing, fun, joy, introspection, fitness, nurture, food, well-being, stress reduction, oxygen, support for all of our senses, light and dark I could really go on and on as the list of benefits from nature is never ending. For this reason, Wolf Willow Well-being uses an aspect of nature in all of their programming. Enjoy a hike during a counselling session, an outdoor education lesson during a workshop or simply play and laugh outside. We believe in supporting our clients well-being by using the support that comes for being outside in nature. Earth’s classroom is a gift worth experiencing.

Well-being Packages

Workplace Well-Being Package

  • The Workplace Well-being Program can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Please contact us for more information regarding workshop details and group rates


  • Individual Counselling Sessions
  • Clients who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression, addiction or autism will learn to share their story and be who they already, through the experience mindfulness practices, nature as a classroom, reiki, counseling and yoga.​

Family Well-being Package

  • Serves Families who would like to learn mindfulness strategies and interact with nature as a classroom as a way to reduce the stress in their homes.



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