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Wolf Willow Well-being

The Wolf Willow Well-being team helps individuals, families and teams to tell share their story. Clients are able to attend individual counselling, yoga classes, fun with friends night and will learn to share their story and be who they already are.

Wolf Willow provides support, storytelling, a variety of creative, mindful, fun and nature programs to schools, businesses and agencies. This interactive workshop provides workshop attendees with a presentation that includes; the story of Larisa and Nicole’s family, their intense struggle with trauma, burnout, generations of pain, resilience and the re-discovery of their true selves. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience a variety of creative, mindful, somatic and playful discovery stations, helping them to develop strategies to use in their own lives. Strategies that will help attendees to navigate the turmoil and turbulence of life, share their story and re-discover a connection to themselves.

Wolf Willow Well-being team works with first responders, counsellors, social workers, educators, health-care professionals, children, youth and families, schools, agencies and not-for-profit companies.

The Wolf Willow team customizes interactive, fun and supportive practices for clients to help them identify and utilize the mindfulness practices that best support them to improve their well-being, share their story and be who they already are.

Our programs are unique and we tailor each one to meet the client, needs of offices, organizations or schools. 

Experience a workshop, individual counselling session or class designed to help you have fun, experience yourself as whole and indivisible and share your story. Be Who You Already Are!

Many of programs include time in nature

Our Team’s Specialties

We specialize in helping our clients tell their story, re-discover a connection to themselves and be who they already are and developing a community that supports each other. Each Wolf Willow Well-being team member understands the intense struggle that comes with daily living today. Navigating social media, politics, difficult relationships, discrimination, climate change, addiction, anxiety, trauma, fear…the list of turbulence seems never ending. We at Wolf Willow have discovered a path through the turbulence that isn’t found in a specific answer. Rather, the path is about discovery, experience, a variety of supportive practices, community connection, compassionate support and learning to tell your story and be who you already are. We specialize in creating a community of people who are and serve each other. Whether through counselling attending a class or workshop you will have the opportunity to be a part of a community who cares about you, listens to your story and values who you are. Join us, share your story and be who you already are!

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