One of the best decisions I have ever made

“Choosing to work with Larisa was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is kind, relatable, incredibly supportive, and asks the right questions. She has helped me to truly heal and to work through things I didn’t even think I had to work through anymore. Larisa tailored our sessions to what worked for me and gave me tools that I can use forever. Nothing about her work is cookie-cutter. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Larisa!” — Shay

Perfect for all of the helpers in the world

“The Prevent Burnout workshop is perfect for all of the helpers in the world. It makes one realize that a rejuvenated, healthy, happy self isn’t hard work or a far reach. In fact, much of what we already do in our day-to-day fills us up and it is merely a shift in perspective. The day was lovely! Larisa and Nicole were open and honest. They created an atmosphere that allowed us to share with each other and learn.” — Genelle

Open in their journey

“Larisa and Nicole were open in their journey, which allowed the group to share their stories and feel comfortable.” — Mario

Focusing on self value

“Larisa and Nicole did a wonderful job focusing on self value and caring for all of your needs; physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.”

A very safe place to share

“Great information, giving us baby steps and reminding us of the importance of taking care of ourselves. A very safe place to share.” — Lil

Left me reeling with joy

“My experience at this Prevent Burnout workshop has left me reeling with joy! I feel like a peaceful warrior ready to take on the world … while I take good care of myself too, of course!” — Brooke

Better manage our daily lives

“I would strongly recommend this training to those working in challenging occupations. The practical tools learned today can help some of our most vulnerable young people, and us as workers, cope with stress and better manage our daily lives and help us to be mindful in the work we do. Thank you!” — Renee

I have found myself again

I have been working with Larisa for about four months now and I have nothing but amazing things to say about my experience. I’ve never worked with a life coach before and wasn’t sure what to expect. The outdoor environment that we complete our sessions is probably one of my favourite things! It makes the conversation flow easily and a lot less sterile feeling. It really took a lot of the pressure off the situation and made me even more relaxed and open.

Larisa is one of the best listeners I have ever met. She has this magical way of reading your emotions and feelings and saying the perfect thing to get you to open up and go to that dark place that you need to work through. She completes reiki on you while your talking and you can feel weight of the negative energy being lifted off you. I leave each session feeling like I was heard, and perfectly supported to help heal emotionally. The time frame and commitment she asks of you, when you start your journey with her, is something I was a little unsure about at the beginning. I had never been asked by other therapists to commit to a certain length of time before, but I’m so glad that I committed to it. The weekly meetings and phone calls kept me on track and focused on being my best self, without giving up when things got hard. I feel like through this, I have found myself again and I owe a lot of that to Larisa. I have gained a friend and mentor and couldn’t be happier! — Megan

I've found a lot of personal peace

“I sensed that I had some road blocks in my life and on recommendation from someone close to me decided to try life-coaching to break my endless struggle to get past them. Larisa helped me identify the sources of these blocks from my past, and move beyond them to a truer self and more open-hearted place. I’ve found a lot of personal peace with this new perspective.” — Kari

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