I Stand

I Stand… 

I Stand in my feet to sense my body, to know, my muscles, tissue, and heart. My biology, physiology revealed in moments of still. 

I Stand to think with my guts, my heart, my mind and my soul. 

I Stand to sense the world, the birds, the trees, air, water, animals, land. My place in this world vast and minuet in connection to nature, lakes, mountains and trees. A oneness, a steward revealed, blessed to be a visceral part, to belong with the trees. Here I Stand with ease. 

I Stand in my humanness so I may see, the humans that exist alongside of me. 

I Stand with people who suffer in pain, in triggers to trauma and fragments of life from the past, not able to find life’s giving deep breath, struggle and fight as the days in heaviness go by. I too know suffering, trauma’s triggers and pain and know as we stand together possibility grows. In connection and release, the body calms and the mind slows. I Stand with you. 

I Stand with those who have suffered COVID’s grasp, who have lost loved ones, are sick, anxious, terrified and feel alone. I hear the plea as I have plead too. I Stand with you. 

I Stand with business owners and staff as they open and close. As they wonder and worry and are forced to let go. As they watch all they have built be hang by a thread. I support you with my dollars and cents, my votes, my prayers and my thoughts so I may Stand with you. 

I Stand with people wearing masks, following the global rules, protecting communities, finding creative ways to smile through cloth, to connect with the people they love, fighting with questions internal and external, anger and opposition. I Stand with you. 

I Stand with those without a home. Those numbing their pain, without a sense of safety or calm stillness. Struggle, violence and extreme moments a part of the journey to survive. I haven’t struggled in that kind of pain; I do not blame or bypass the horror you have had to face. In my heart, I hold you close. I Stand with you and humbly offer what I am able too. 

I Stand with my sisters, brothers and them from the LGBTQ2S community. I stand and listen with curiosity, humility and love so I may know how to Stand with you. 

I Stand with my sisters, brothers and them with a different skin color and worship who celebrate and sing different from me. I stand curious and humble and loving so I may know how to Stand with you.  

I Stand with all health care professionals and support staff in gratitude and prayer. May you have what you need in your life to meet these days of intensity and strife. May I listen to your murmurs and asks and find ways to support a way to Stand with you. 

I Stand with all those who educate, who support the children of this world. In gratitude I honor you. May I listen to your murmurs and asks, questions and fear. For our most precious gifts are supported by your voice. The citizens they become are shaped by your lessons and guidance. I honor your effort so I may Stand with you. 

I Stand with leaders around the globe including those I oppose. Your leadership affects me, those I love and my community. It has the power to protect, to give, to honor and to create strong community. An incredible job and position you hold and one that is fraught with constant difficulty. To those I oppose I do my best to attend to my anger and rage, to emotions that feel bleak so they may release in actions, voice, strength and non-contentiousness. In this way I may Stand with you. 

I Stand with my enemies, those I vehemently oppose. I practice, listen, educate, scream and write. I find the center in me as I shiver and shake, my heart, mind and humanness, a proufound discovery. I know only in strong, bold, honest action, practice, prayer and release I am led to a place where I know how to Stand with you. 

I Stand in my body with my heart and my soul, with my family, friends, colleagues, all whom I love. I Stand in these places of support, knowledge, wisdom, truth and love, they lead me beyond to an ineffable place. A place of divine, a collective of truth, in this air I breath. I sense all and nothing within me. Here I find humility. In this place of Peace, I Stand blessed by the moment simple and vast and hope fills my heart. A blessing repeated, a daily art. In gratitude I know and receive all that is gifted to me. And so, I Stand… 

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