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Share Your Story Workshop

Learn about your internal experience, the link between mind and body by experiencing a variety of mindfulness practices, nature as a classroom, play and creative activities. Experience yourself beyond your habitual patterns and develop strategies that will help you to connect to who you already are, indivisible and whole.

Family Support

A counselling program designed to support families to develop mindfulness practises that help deal with busyness, anxiety, parenting, depression, addiction and trauma. Whether the issue is busyness or addiction we will help you to find mindfulness practises that support your family to play, hike and heal.

Individual Counselling

A Counselling program using a variety of mindfulness practices, nature hikes and reiki to help you share your story, learn strategies so you are able to compassionately care for yourself and be who you already are!

Share Your Story: A Day of Well-being

A full-day workshop to support teams and the community to interact with the concept of sharing your whole story and being you. Experience a sense of the well-being that already exists within you. The day is filled with a variety of creative, mindful, somatic and fun activities. Experience relaxation, fun, creativity, mindfulness and develop strategies to support yourself to be you in all of life's turbulence, be in relationship with others and live well. Schedule your workshop today.

Foods, Friends, Oils and Gentle Care

A two hour workshop offered in your home. Invite 7-10 friends, learn more about using essential oils in your home, experience the feeling of compassionate community and reduce your daily stress by making 7-10 meals for your freezer.

Essential Oils Yoga and Tea

A two hour workshop offered on the last Friday of every month or by request for your work team. You will enjoy using, learning and making something using essential oils. Then have the opportunity to rest, relax and experience a one hour Yin Yoga Class.

Adolescents and Mindfulness

A one- or two-day workshop, assisting teenagers to deal with anxiety, technology, relationships and addiction, using mindfulness practises and nature as a classroom.

Mindfulness in the Classroom

A half day workshop supporting teachers to use mindfulness practices and outdoor education in their classrooms to benefit them as well as their students.

Staff Retreat

Programming for staff retreats utilizes mindfulness practices, team-building activities, outdoor education and adventure-based counselling. A custom program will be tailored to fit your staff’s team retreat.

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